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The Department of American Studies and Mass Media at the Faculty of International and Political Studies, University of Lodz announces the initiation of a college degree (BA) specialisation program in the field of American studies and media studies in English. We offer an interdisciplinary curriculum which, in addition to a focus devoted to political and historical, cultural and social and media specificity of the United States, students have the unique opportunity of intensive learning in Spanish. A wide range of additional activities within the framework of scientific Circles of American Media, a film club, visits to US facilities and meetings with American professors and artists additionally activate the students, encourage a deeper knowledge about the US and the media, and stimulate the development of communication skills, creating a friendly atmosphere for study full of interesting and inspiring meetings and events.

Our program offers an opporunity to build competences in the field of international economic issues and politics and media (film, TV, newspapers, commercial and political advertising) by becoming more familiar with examples from a country with the most developed economic, technological and military systems in the world. Employees of the Department of American Studies and Mass Media have extensive experience in teaching at the university level. Every year our team is joined by professors from American universities as part of the prestigious Fulbright program.

Our graduates are employed in central and local government offices; diplomatic, PR and advertising agencies; and in newspapers, radio and television. Many of them have established their own magazines, are acting as directors of a foundation, councilors and assistants to members of parliament. Students in our program gain a unique opportunity to study in more than 20 European universities under the EU student exchange program ERASMUS PLUS. They can also benefit from student exchanges with partner universities in the United States.

The fee for one semester of undergraduate American Studies is 1,000 PLN.


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